Food trucks are street foods that are loved by many due to their low prices, fast services, seasonal specialties, and amazing eating experience. You will also be able to sample various cousins that have amazing tastes.

When a restaurant wants to introduce their cuisine to a new neighborhood, they will use food trucks to reach more people. A hotel that has a new dish may also introduce it to their clients using food trucks. You can find food trucks on popular city streets or in established food trucks pods in Seattle.

To know the places you will find food trucks in Seattle:

Check out the website where most of the trucks list the places they will be on each day. You can also check the Roaming Hunger app where you will be able to find out the actual location of each truck.

Here is a list of some of the places you will find food trucks in Seattle:

  • Starbucks Headquarters: on most days, you will find food trucks lined up the entire day. You will buy your favorite meal from the many available options.
  • Queen Anne Farmer’s Market: this is a favorite spot that attracts dinner foodie lovers.
  • University of Washington: if you are looking for a dependable place where you will get fast and affordable lunchtime picks, this is your best spot.
  • Havard between Pine Street and Pike: this is a favorite spot if you want to buy from the late night food trucks.

If you have an oncoming event and would want affordable, yet great tasting foods, you can contact one of the food trucks. The food trucks will provide exceptional catering services for your event. You can even organize for the food truck to be delivering your company lunch every day which will be amazing! All the staffs will eat fresh food without going through the trouble of preparing it.